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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Data Collection & Analysis Tools

The following is a series of Excel tools, Word files, and portable document format (PDF) files available for your data collection and analysis efforts. Each tool is modifiable and includes instructions and an example. The intent is that you paste in your student names, key in your data, and the charts and graphs are automatically made for your analysis and use.

Contact Trace Pickering at (319) 399-6550 to access the tools below.


Tool Example


General Use
4-7 Item Pareto Creator
4-7 Item Pareto for Rubrics
4-15 Item Pareto Creator

  • Instantly create Pareto Charts to help separate the "vital few" from the "trivial many."

Cumulative Testing

  • Tracks student progress on tests, which build on one another for up to 34 testing points.
  • Typical uses: spelling programs, historical timelines, quizzes, etc.

Performance Track Variable N
Performance Track Variable Time

  • Track times or intervals.

Pre.Post Test&
Pre.Post Test 5-week

  • Track and chart a series of pre-post tests for a period of up to 21 weeks with cumulative testing option every 4 or 5 weeks.
  • Provides data on student performance pre-post, and post tests over time.
  • Typical uses: spelling programs, unit exams, quizzes, etc.

Standard Run Chart

  • Tracks student performance on tasks/samples over time.
    Provides individual and class graphs.
    Tracks student performance through item analysis.
    Typical Uses: to track random sampling activities (spelling, vocabulary, geography, math facts, etc.)

Run Chart with Attribute
5 Level Rubric Ehrenberg Example

Run Chart with Attribute
5 Level Rubric 6th LA Example

Standard Control Chart - 6th LA Example

Standard Run Chart Spelling Examples

Hypothesis Guide

  • Work through the steps of developing and testing a hypothesis for Action Research work.


Run Chart with Attribute
3 Level Rubric
Run Chart with Attribute
4 Level Rubric
Run Chart with Attribute
5 Level Rubric

  • Allows for data collection and analysis based upon rubric scores.
  • Provides a cumulative student performance chart (up to 6), radar charts, and a set of "outcome" charts.
  • Typical uses: in conjunction with rubrics when users need to track performance by element and over time. Can manage up to 6 assessments.

Standard Control Chart

  • Tracks student performance over time.
  • Provides control chart features to help analysts distinguish special and common cause variation.
  • Typical uses: tardies/discipline, fluency rates, sampling, etc.

Multi-Use Control Chart

  • Same as Standard Control Chart except that it allows the tracking of several small groups as well as large group.
  • Typical uses: managing various grade level data on tests, tasks, discipline, etc.


Accelerated Reader Graph

  • Tracks student performance using the Accelerated reader format. Input baseline, mid-year and end year results along with monthly scores including # of books read, reading level, and monthly reading level.
  • Provides student and group graphs to show progress over time.

Fluency & Accuracy Chart

  • Tracks student fluency and accuracy over time.
  • Provides individual and group graphs.
  • Typical uses: reading probes, math facts, etc.

Kindergarten Alphagraph

  • Tracks student performance on alphabet recognition and 6 other basic reading pre-reading measures.
  • Provides student bar charts for each area.