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October 2015

- Students Receiving ELL Services Continues to Expand
- AEA/DE Customer Satisfaction Survey
- Education Directory Updates
- The GWAEA Yellow Pages Directory of Services
- Maker Monday, Nov. 2, 2015
- SMART (Communication) Partner Strategy Workshop
- Your Child's Future... The Possibilities are Endless - Monticello 
- GWAEA Professional Development

- info@gwaea, October 2015



May 2015

- VAST Science Unit Upgrades Netting Positive Feedback

- GWAEA Professional Development

- Prairie Hill Elementary Utilizes Genre-Based Shelving System

- New Northeast Region Teacher-Librarian Professional Learning Community (PLC)

- Online Resources Features May, June 2015


April 2015

- Top 10 Professional Reading List for Educators

- GWAEA Professional Development

- Grant Wood AEA's Media Center Features New Design

- Online Resources Features for April and May

- Shellsburg Elementary Completes Media Center Redesign


March 2015

- Support for Teachers When FAST/TIER Assessments Show Substantially Deficient Students

- GWAEA Professional Development

- Instructional Media/School Technology


January/February 2015

- School Improvement Consultants Build LEA Capacity Through Teacher Leader Work

- IASL Book Awards Promote Reading

- GWAEA Professional Development

- Instructional Media/School Technology


November/December 2014

- A Common Platform for Addressing Special Behavior Challenges

- Kaldenberg shares GWAEA's Online Resources with students at Solon

- GWAEA Professional Development

- Instructional Media/School Technology


October 2014

Grant Wood AEA Early ACCESS Program

- American Education Week

- Grant from Target Provides Support for "Read to Me" Initiative

- GWAEA Professional Development

- Instructional Media/School Technology


September 2014

Successes and Accolades Elevate i3 Mentoring Program in GWAEA Service Area, Iowa

- Supporting Your AEA's Legislative Priorities with
Joe Crozier

- GWAEA Professional Development

- Instructional Media/School Technology





June 2014

Grant Wood AEA's Collaborating for Iowa's Kids:

- College Community: Building a vision during Transformation Phase 1

- West Branch participates in Transformation Phase 1

- 2014 GWAEA College for Kids

- Grant Wood AEA Professional Development

- Media Center updates


May 2014

- Summer learning with the GWAEA and Iowa AEA Online resources

- "Top 10" Professional Reading List for Educators

- Professional Development courses

- News from the Media Center


February-March 2014

- Students Learn in SCALE-UP Classroom

- 2014 GWAEA College for Kids

- Professional Development courses

- Online Resources


January 2014

- Collaborating for Iowa's Kids

- Iowa's Teacher of the Year supports Iowa Core

- Professional Development courses

- Online Resources


October 2013

- Collaborating for Iowa's Kids

- Download the GWAEA App

- Professional Development courses

- Online Resources

- New in the Professional Library


September 2013

- GWAEA Scale-Up Classroom

- Open Minds, Open Doors Conference

- Professional Development courses

- Online Resources

- New in the Prof. Library



The Linker, Summer 2013
"Support for literacy"


The Linker, Spring 2013
"Conducting Research with Local Full-Release Mentoring Model"


The Linker, Winter 2012
"Online resources support learning"


The Linker, Fall 2012
"Grant Wood AEA receives recommendation for full accreditation from the Iowa Department of Education"


The Linker, Summer 2012
"VAST Center Toolkits"


The Linker, Spring 2012
"Learning with the iPad Project"


The Linker, Winter 2011
"Developing leadership capacity to improve teaching and learning"


The Linker, Fall 2011
"Summer STEM learning"


The Linker, Summer 2011
"Community Support for the Iowa Core"

The Linker’s “VAST incorporates lean principles” article excerpts reprinted in the FOSS Newsletter, Fall 2011


The Linker, Spring 2011
"The Grant Wood AEA Mentoring and Induction Program"


The Linker, Winter 2010
"Professional Learning to support the Iowa Core"


The Linker, Fall 2010
"Professional Learning to support the Iowa Core"


The Linker, Fall 2009
"Engagement affects student performance"


The Linker, Winter 2009
"The Iowa Core Curriculum...Right Work, Right Time, Right People"


The Linker, Spring 2010
"Transition Services support planning for the future"


The Linker, Summer 2010
"Partners in Education"


The Linker, Fall 2008
"Grant Wood AEA Flood Recovery"


The Linker, Winter 2008
"The Iowa Core Curriculum"


The Linker, Spring 2009
"The Corridor STEM Initiative"


The Linker, Summer 2009
"TIMP Program becomes 21st Century Learning Institute"


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