Career Interest and Skill Inventories
Last Updated 05/1/03


Student use of this website, and the following career interest and skill inventories in particular, require that it be done under the watchful guidance of an experienced, licensed educator. The career interest and skill inventories are designed only as indicators, one component of a comprehensive career development process. The psychometric properties of any part, or all, of these inventories may not be fully investigated. They are intended to be used as very general indicators of career direction that may assist in narrowing the field of exploration for students.

Elementary Level Middle through High School Level
Full Career Development Process with Tools Other On-line Tests

 Elementary Level

BLS Career Information Select a school subject area you like and see a list of related careers. Information about each career is available from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Information or Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Information.

Directions for Middle and High School Inventories:

The directions include summary pages to record results and to convert the information into Iowa Career Pathway categories and specific careers.

Middle through High School Level

Where Will You Go From Here? A career exploration webquest for eighth graders that includes an assessment of career interests, aptitudes and experience; and provides career cluster descriptions that you can then explore by clicking on each. Reviewed by Lucy Choisser.

Discovering Careers That Fit You: Take this easy to use inventory to identify activities you like and receive printouts of your Holland Code type with a list of occupations to explore that match your preferences. Also see Holland Code/Career Pathway Match to see careers that match your preferences. This takes about 3 minutes. Reviewed by Pat Highland.

CareerZone Holland Self-Assessment Use work environment descriptions to pick your top three favorite ones. You will receive a list of suggested occupations to explore, which can be done by clicking on the title of the occupation in the list. Also see Holland Code/Career Pathway Match to see careers that match your preferences.

Career Questionnaire: byAnswer questions about work situations, working conditions, further education plans, interest areas, salary, and employment outlook and receive career matches for you. There may be a limited list of occupations in the results, but the results may be useful in combination with results from other inventories and sources. This takes 10 minutes.

The Career Key: This site will take you through a process of answering questions in sections about interests, abilities, and values and then will identify groups of jobs that are likely to fit you. This takes 10 minutes. After receiving the jobs that are likely to fit you, you may wish to continue at this site by visiting sections for more ways to make career decisions.

The Keirsey Character and Temperment Sorters Take two forced-choice personality temperment questionnaires and connect your suggested types to careers and jobs.

NOTE: These inventories have been reviewed and recommended by GWAEA S-T-W Task Team members. The reviewer's name is listed at the end of each inventory description. You may reach them at Grant Wood AEA if you have questions or comments about any inventory. Be sure to read the "Disclaimer" at the top of this page.

Career Development Process Tools
(Interest Inventories are included)

Career Paths Interactive-A 10 Step Career Planning Guide (If the link to the left doesn't work on your computer, try this link).An excellent self-help tool that guides the user, at their own pace, through 10 interactive career planning steps. As each stage is completed, the site automatically tabulates the results and stores them to build a personal results page. Plus a Facilitator's Guide for educators which includes using the "Career Paths Interactive".

Canadian Site for Careers and Work for youth ages 15-29 (Select "Career Explorers"and "Youth Site Facilitator Guide")

Other On-line Inventories

Employment Search Readiness Inventory is an on-line inventory that allows you to gauge your employment search readiness. You will receive a score and suggestions.

Free On-line Typing Test asks you to type a sentence and then reports your score in words per minute.

Personality and IQ Tests Includes these and other fun tests that give instant results.

Are You Cut Out for Teamwork? A sponsored, on-line quiz to see how suited you are to being an effective team member. Results include statements that help you understand the meaning of each of your responses in relation to each teamwork item.

Transferable Skill Survey Self assess 62 skills in five categories: Communication; Research & Planning; Human Relations; Organization, Management & Leadership; and Work Survival.

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